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Pin sạc di động bỏ túi tiêu chuẩn an toàn Mỹ, vỏ nhôm được xử lý anodic oxidation có độ bền cao + gia cường bằng nhựa lót PC & ABS, có chế độ sạc nhanh, dung lượng sạc được cho hầu hết các loại điện thoại đang có mặt trên thị trường, có tích hợp đèn pin LED , board mạch hiệu năng cao với tất cả linh kiện đều của Mỹ và Nhật. Đặc biệt bộ sạc tích hợp đủ các chức năng bảo vệ pin, chống quá nhiệt, quá dòng, quá áp, ngắn mạch,  cho 2 chiều nạp + xả năng lượng, và có chế độ tự reset khi có sự cố.

  • Jackery Portable Power Station, Power Outdoors!
  • Portable Travel Charger: Ultra compact Bar 6000mAh battery pack fits perfectly in your hand and pocket, it is the perfect companion for your travelling
  • Fast Phone Charger: 6000mAh mini portable battery pack with huge capacity can charge iPhone 8 for 2.4 times or iPhone 8 Plus for 1.8 times or Samsung Galaxy S8 for 1.6 times or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for 1.3 times
  • Emergency LED Flashlight: Built-in flashlight to light your life, perfect for a dark night in times of emergency, use aluminum shell instead of plastic which more safety and it is smoothly like a chocolate to hold in your hand
  • What’s Included: Jackery Bar 6000mAh Portable Charger, Micro USB Charging Cable for the power bank, User Guide, Thank You Card. 24-month product guarantees friendly customer service. (Note: The capacity of Jackery Bar 6000mAh/22.2Wh falls within Federal Aviation Administration’s safety limit of 100Wh, which means it can be with you in your carry-on luggage to the plane)
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Jackery, the Power Source for Mobility! 

What is Jackery Bar?
Jackery Bar is one of the smallest and lightest portable external battery charger / power bank in the world. Wherever and whenever you go, Jackery Bar will be your perfect travel companion, which is compact, portable, light, thin and perfect for long flights (can take it in your carry-on baggage when on the plane ) , road trips, camping, or whenever you need to charge your iPhone, iPad, or other smart devices.

Jackery Bar was the very first bar-sized power bank on amazon. But what’s the differences between Jackery Bar and others?

Premium Components
Jackery bar only use world-famous and safety-guarantee battery cells and aluminum shell instead of PLASTIC. It also comes with LED flashlight for emergency use.

Tiny Size, Huge Capacity
With high efficiency, the Jackery Bar can charge your iPhone 7 / Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ / other smartphone up to 3 times and even 1 time fully charged your iPad mini.

Multiply Protection
The charging system of Jackery Bar protects your devices by controlling the current of output intelligently.

Powerful Flashlight
Built-in flashlight can use for dark or emergence occasions, it can light a life to you.

Package content:
-Jackery Bar Battery Pack
-Micro USB Charging Cable(USB-C cable and Lightning cable for iPhone / iPad sold separately)
-User Guide & Warranty

Please note: We strongly recommend using the original Apple charging cable (not included) to charge Apple devices


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